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What To Expect

Our Financial Fitness Program closely follows the financial planning process. As many people have very little experience with financial planning or don’t understand what it entails, we encourage you to explore that process below. Taking a disciplined, proactive, and collaborative approach to this process is the key to helping you live financially fit.

Your personal finances are exactly that. Personal. It’s not easy opening up to someone about your financial situation. We help by engaging with you, committing to your best interests, fully disclosing our services and fees, and helping you organize all the pieces of your financial life, without any judgement.

Financial planning is all about finding ways to help you meet your goals. We have all heard about the value of setting goals, but many of us still neglect to do it.  We help by talking with you and discovering what your true goals, values, and priorities are. This helps you envision your future and gives your plan purpose.

After taking the time to organize an accurate picture of your current finances and developing a vision for the future, we begin analyzing your current situation and evaluating the different ways you can achieve your goals. We take all your finances into account and determine the best strategies available to you.

We have the skills, expertise, and tools to determine the most ideal strategies moving forward. However, the best financial planning is accomplished through a collaborative effort and open, two-way communication. Together, we discuss the best options given your current situation and establish a plan moving forward.

That collaboration continues into the execution of your plan. We assist in any way we can to help implement your plan, both initially and on an ongoing basis. We serve as advisor, coach, and accountability partner. Ultimately it is YOUR plan. We help you establish and execute it, but you must own it to be successful.

We make no guarantees in our line of work, but one thing is certain. The only constant is change. Within months, weeks, or even days, a perfectly laid plan can be turned upside down. We help by monitoring and adjusting your plan so it evolves along with changes in your life and the vision you have for your future.

What We Do


The enrollment period is the starting point for your financial fitness. We help you get organized, set goals, and make a plan.



After the six month enrollment period, we continue to help execute your plan and regularly update it to evolve with you.



Investing is integral to your financial fitness. We help you invest wisely and stay invested with a disciplined approach.


What It Covers

Financial Fitness focuses on numerous areas of your life.  With personal finances, there are many questions, concerns, and obstacles. Here are some areas we cover and address together to help you live financially fit: